TOOLEX, Katowice 2023 – Report from the event


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Report from the event

TOOLEX, Katowice 2023 – Report from the event

We invite you to browse photos from the International Trade Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technologies – TOOLEX. The fair was a great opportunity for us to meet you and present the offer of CNC machines, Cobots and fiber lasers offered by Dematec. During this year’s edition, we were among the speakers at the New Industry 4.0 conference. Thank you for visiting our stand and participating in the conference.

During the fair, the New Industry 4.0 Conference was held at the International Congress Center in Katowice. This event attracted a wide audience interested in the future of the manufacturing industry in Poland. The conference gathered experts, company representatives and decision-makers who discussed the transformation of the industry in the era of Industry 4.0.

One of the participants in the debate was the Regional Director of Dematec Polska, Rafał Korfel, who has been creating sales structures in southern Poland (Silesia and Lesser Poland) for over 16 years. Over the years, it has supplied machines to over 150 companies. At the same time, by expanding the company’s sales structure, it tries to introduce comprehensive customer service using all the tools available to the company. The conference focused on many aspects of changes taking place in the industry, but the discussion on the impact of automation and technology on the metal processing machinery market was particularly important. During his speech, Rafał Korfel emphasized that the machines will continue to enjoy great interest on the market. The reason for this state of affairs was the fact that robots, cobots (i.e. assistive robots) and automatic systems are much cheaper on an annual basis than people, even if they are not highly qualified employees. This observation was an important argument in the context of the future of industry and the labor market. The New Industry 4.0 conference was not only a place for exchanging knowledge and experiences, but also an opportunity to reflect on the future of industrial production in Poland. The debate, in which Rafał Korfel took part, emphasized the importance of innovation and automation for the development of industry and drew attention to the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in the face of technological changes. The conference was an important step towards understanding and preparing for the new challenges brought by the era of Industry 4.0. Below the photos we present a video from the event.