ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, Poznań 2021 – Report from the event


Industry at digital age
Głogowska 14 street
60-734 Poznań

Pavilion 5
Stand 110

Report from the event

ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, Poznań 2021 – Report from the event

Thank you for visiting our stand on ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE, Poznań 2021. Fair is an opportunity for Dematec not only to present our company’s offer but also to exchange valuable experience during meetings with business partners. We presented our innovative Cobots from Doosan Robotics.

We presented some possibilities of use Doosan Cobots:

Cobot Doosan A-SERIES A0912s programmed to cooperate with turning center Doosan Lynx 2100LMSA. Cobot task was to pick up the workpiece from the positioner, then place it in the jaws of the main spindle and place workpiece to the subspindle. Use of a double handle allowed to reduce the cycle time of the entire process.

Cobot Doosan M-SERIES M0617 task was present palletizing application by lifting cardboard boxes from one pallet to another. We used electric vacuum generator – Respiro and gripper CarboGrip from our partner, DRIM Robotics.

Cobot Doosan M-SERIES M1013 has been integrated with the SVM vision system. Cobot task was to identify randomly arranged letters and then compose the word DEMATEC from them. Rapid application development enables integration of the vision system configuration with the DART Platform software for online programming of cobot position and orientation.

Cobot Doosan H-SERIES H2017 it was integrated with gamepad of the Xbox X console. Controlling cobot with use of gamepad was possible to the offline DART Studio software, we have created a program that controls the position of the gripper.

Our efforts were appreciated by the fair organizer, we received an award for participation in the fair with the stand of most conducive to the implementation of a modern expo marketing.