10 years of Dematec


Open House
Rudolfa Diesla 15 street
32-005 Niepołomice

Report from the event

10 years of Dematec

On November 6-7 2013. Dematec Poland Open Days were held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the company. The event took place in the new company’s headquarters in Niepołomice which is located near Kraków. On this occasion, partners, contractors and suppliers were invited. Guests had the opportunity to see the show called “Ice & show” performed by a company Ostre Cięcie, which made the logo of the Dematec company from a block of ice.

Participants could see machines offered by Dematec and meet the company’s employees in person, as well as participate in an official meeting at the castle in Niepołomice, accompanied by a show of knights’ fights and a fireworks display.