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Trident TR-32 5AX Series Trident TR-100 Series

Trident TR-100 Series

A Perfect Combination of Precision and Efficiency!

– MEEHANITE high quality casting iron assures permanent rigidity and accuracy
– Finite Element Analysis (FEM) demonstrates rigid structure and approves excellent accuracy machining.
– Three axes movement drive by C3 level precision ball screws was treated by pretension in order to eliminate backlash issue and ensure feed accuracy and stability.
– The Y-shaped column construction effectively increases rigidity and stability of the machine.
The three axes solid ways are mounted with precision linear ways that ensure high smoothness of traveling. Suitable for high speed machining demand.

– Laser unit to inspecting positioning accuracy for calibration reference. Inspection is based on Germany VD 3441 standards.
In addition, a ball bar is for inspecting static?dynamic circularity accuracy?servo error and geometric error.
– The machine is equipped with a pressure relief oil distributor incorporated with bronze tubes to ensuring the best lubrication performance and long lifetime.


– Excellent for automobile components machining and precision mold engraving.
– The spindle features floating locking.
– Well-designed ring to prevents coolant or dusts from entering into the spindle to extend the lifetime.
– Coolant through spindle (optional)


– The spindle head layout completely symmetrical, eliminating the spindle head tilting problem D during machining. Another benefit is to prevent instability caused by heat transfer from spindle motor.


– The coolant jets around spindle are designed to solve interference problem in the cutting area caused by conventional nozzles. It also may upgrade cooling effect for the workpiece.


– New inverter motor ATC will shorten the tool change time with high reliability.

Standard Machine Features

– Fully enclosed guard
– Double layer fully enclosed electric cabinet
– Spindle air blow & air curtain
– Air gun & water gun
– Dual color LED alarm light
– Dual PL work lamp
– Tool kits and tools
– Movalbe control box
– Floor flush device (inside water tank)
– Surround flushing system

Optional Accessories

– Arm Type 30T Magazine (Servo Drive)
– Spindle Power Upgrade
– High Pressure Coolant Through Spindle
– High Speed Spindle Upgrade (10K/12K/15K)
– SK-40,CAT- 40,HSK 63 Magazine & Spindle
– Automatic tool length measurement with breakage detection
– Automatic door
– Transformer/regulator
– Workpiece air blow system
– Spindle Oil Mist Cooling
– Oil Mist Cooling System
– 4th or 5th Axis
– Chip Conveyor-(Filter/Scraper/Chain Type)
– Mist Collector
– Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet


Machine Specifications


TR-100 Series
TR-100A TR-120A
X-Travel mm 1100 1200
Y-Travel mm 600 600
Z-Travel mm 550 550
Table to Spindle Nose mm 150~700
Spindle center to column slide face mm 620
Table Size mm 1200x550 1300x635
Max. load kgs 600
T-slot mm 18 x 4 x 125
Spindle Speed rpm 8000 8000
Max. Tapping Speed rpm 3000 3000
Taper 7/ 24 NO 40 7/ 24 NO 40
Transmission Direct Drive
Rapid Traverse (G00) M/min 36/36/36
Cutting Feedrate (G01) mm/min 1~10
Tool Shank BT#40
Magazine Type Arm
Capacity 24+1
Max. Tool Length mm 300
Max. Tool Diameter mm 80
Max. Tool Weight kgs 7
X-Axis kw 2.0(Mitsuvishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Y-Axis kw 3.0(Mitsuvishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Z-Axis kw 3.0(Mitsuvishi) / 3.0(Fanuc)
Spindle kw 11 / 7.5
W x D x H cm 2800 x 2240 x 2900
Net Weight


6350 6500

NC Specifications

Mitsubishi Fanuc
M70-VB M70-VA M80-VB M80-VA M720-VS 0i-MF(P3) 0i-MF(P1)
CPU 64 bit 32 bit
Max. Controlled Axes 9 11 9 11 12 6 9
Max. Simultaneous Axes 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Program Storage Length 512K 512K 512K 512K 512K 512K 512K
Macro Variables Common 700 700 400 400 700 700 700
Tool Offset Sets 400 400 400 400 400 400 400
Conversational Programming 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Display 8.4″ TFT LCD 10.4″ TFT LCD 8.4″ TFT LCD
Mulit-Language Display 0 0 0
Servo Motor with ABS. Encoder 0 0 0
Memory Card Front-Loading 0 0 0
Ethernet 0 0 0
High Speed And Accuracy Machining Code G05.1 Q1 G05 P10000 G05 P10000 SSS SSS G05.1 Q1
RS-232 Interface 0 0
Toolpath Simulation 0 3D 0
Handwheel Feed Program Simulation 0 X
Program Buffer Correction 0 X
Standard   X None   

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