Takamaz XW-200

Product Overview

Cutting Capacity up by 180%

With a large diameter spindle of 120mm combined with an 18.5/15kW motor, cutting capacity is 1.8 times
than that of our previous models. The machine is capable of heavy cutting with high torque even at low
speeds needed for cutting of large-diameter flange-like work.

Reassuring Stability for Mass Production

A spindle cooling mechanism is built into the unit to minimize geometric change due from heat. An optional
thermal displacement system is available. Dimensional accuracy and stability can be attained by combining
the spindle cooler with the thermal displacement system.

Zero Work in Progress Inventory is Possible with Front/Back Combined Cutting

The live tooling is available for the 8-inch chuck machine. A maximum of 20 live tools can be attached and
it will meet the needs for multi cutting processes. (200M: Live Tool Spec)


Item ability Unit
Chuck size 10 × 2 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. Ø120 mm
Spindle speed Max. 2,800 min-1
Type 8-station turret
Max.stroke X:170
Rapid traverse rate X:24
Speendle motor AC18.5/15 × 2 kW
L × W 1,990 × 2,330 mm
Controller TAKAMAZ & FANUC

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