Takamaz USL-480

Product Overview

Inherited principle of space-saving design

In response to user requests for more tools made after the release of the USL-300 model, the USL-480 can be fitted with four standard tools. The remarkably slimmed-down USL-480 is only 480mm wide with the 160mm-long X-axis stroke maintained.

In pursuit of high-precision cutting

The built-in spindle with „zero-center design” lessens the relative displacement of the spindle unit and achieves greater cutting accuracy.

Shortened cycle time

The built-in spindle motor demonstrates a significant reduction in rise time (0 to 10,000min-1) to 1 second or less.* With the automatic loading mechanism installed, the time required for workpiece loading is only 4 seconds.
*When rotating the spindle equipped with a precision air chuck only


Item ability Unit
Chuck size 3 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. Ø50 mm
Spindle speed Max. 10,000 min-1
Type Horizontal linear
Max.stroke X:160
Rapid traverse rate X:12
Speendle motor AC5.5 / 3.7 kW
L × W 480 × 1,810 mm
Controller TAKAMAZ & FANUC

※1 It may vary with specification of Chuck type.

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