FPT Verus 250 360

Product Overview

The “high performance” milling machine VERUS comes from a development of the first-born Ronin, from which, it inherits the philosophy and the ergonomic solutions; basically the only one of its kind in the market. Many features differentiate Verus from the other competitors’ machines of this segment: first of all the monolithic structure of the column, which integrates the sliding longitudinal saddle. This characteristic gives Verus a lowered trimmed morphology (patent). This morphology reduces the distance between longitudinal travel (X-axis of the column) and cross travel (Y-axis of the ram), thus decreasing the bending and overturning moment of the column due to the forces released during the machining and a drastic reduction of inertia. Besides that, this patented solution requires no embedding of the machine in the foundation pit, just a concrete bed at floor level. This means about 50% saving on foundation costs at the beginning, furthermore in case of a subsequent moving of the machine, there is no need to re-establish the floor, thus avoiding further costs and troubles.


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