FPT Vertigo

Product Overview

The range of big-sized vertical lathes VERTIGO represents the new reference point of the sector. FPT decade-long planning and technological experience in manufacturing big-sized hydrostatic borig machines , finds a new implementation in the turning, milling and grinding technology of big mechanical components.
The result is a new family of machines offering solutions available for the first time on the market:

– Full hydrostatic movement of all axes (included the vertical movement of the beam W) with “active” oil cooling system;

– Clever hydrostatic thrust-bearing “tilter” for the table bearing and rotation with automatic unbalancing control of the loads to be machined, with adjustment data self-learning (Patent Int. Pend.);

– “Load control” device allowing constant maintenance of the geometry and stiffness of the table according to the loading condition changes, by means of a hydrostatic system with “active” preload (Patent Int. Pend.);

– Turning spindle movement transmission device with hybrid gearbox (planetary+parallel) and high torque and liquid-cooled built-in motor;

– Dual Drive type, dedicated high stiff transmission system of C axis with complete backlash compensation and with very high bidirectional dynamics (deriving from the big-sized table of FPT boring machines);

– Direct Drive kinematic system of the milling spindle. This solution manufactured for years by FPT for its boring machines, provides an in-axis power transmission to the spindle, without mechanical gear systems, through high torque liquid-cooled built-in motor. The advantages are certain in terms of stiffness and kinematic efficiency, with cancellation of wear and heating of the mechanical parts and subsequent optimization of milling accuracy;

– X axis movement (saddle-ram movement) with double pinion, rack and Dual –Drive management. It allows an improvement of the stiffness and accuracy performances achieving results that cannot be compared with the traditional screw transmission;

– Active compensation of the machine geometry able to maintain the constant trim of the structures in all positions of the moving masses in the working field.

The scientific development and FPT technological research, at the disposal of all its customers throughout the world, grant competitive and absolute advantages which are synonyms of success.




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