This solution is applied to the inspection lines in all manufacturing industries from automotive to electronics, general machinery, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Not only can the cobots perform a visual inspection using the camera system, but they can also perform a general inspection that requires the dexterity of workers.

Doosan cobots featuring a variety of visual systems and simple interface can be easily applied to a variety of inspections and improve the accuracy of defect identification. The Smart Vision Module (SVM) developed in-house by Doosan maximizes vision performance to provide optimal solutions.

Visual Inspection

Using the built-in torque sensor installed on each of the six joints and an innovative motion control algorithm, Doosan cobots can perform precision inspection tasks. They simulate the hand motions of the operator with the industry’s highest force sensing rate automating the go/no-go gauge inspection. Furthermore, they can detect defects using the precision automatic weight sensing feature. They can also interact with a variety of sensors to perform simple, repetitive inspections efficiently and improve the inspection precision.

General Inspection