New Doosan Lynx 2600
turning center designed for
the precision-machining

New Doosan Lynx 2600, 10 inch CNC turning center

New Doosan Lynx 2600 series CNC turning center designed for the precision-machining of metal parts of diverse shapes such as valves, shafts, gears, flanges, and fittings, and has a maximum machining diameter of 380mm and a maximum machining length of 610mm. Excellent Machining Ability Suitable for Cutting Small and Medium-Size Parts with Complex Shapes.

New series increases productivity when machining parts including external and internal diameters as well as U-drill processing. The new product features a setting function which automatically measures workpieces in order to facilitate workpiece and tool setting, and a tool monitoring function that informs the user of the tool change time.

Technical Specifications