Precision Tsugami

Tsugami B038T

Tsugami B038T

Improved the milling capability on the complete processing aimed machine.
Y-axis control on all tool posts of turret, front gang tool post and back tool post

●8-station turret
Mounting plural tools on one station, and achieving the quick tool change with Y-axis without turret indexing
●Back tool post equipping Y axis
Milling with Y-axis can be performed by equipping live tools.
Front milling with the tools on turret and back milling with the tools on back tool post can be simultaneously performed.
● 3-path control
3-path control reduces the cycle time drastically.
● Tsugami’s unique, highly rigid “Double Spindle” enables heavy-duty machining.
● Abundant tooling options facilitate the machining of complex-shaped workpieces.
● Using the automatic programming system, 3-path control programs can be created with ease.

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