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Takamaz XY-120PLUS

Product Overview

Large Capacity for Number of Tools

Main turret (12 stations) has a middle indexing capability, making it possible to mount tools on the 24-positions.Moreover, with the sub turret, the maximum number of tools becomes 36.This is an extensive number of tooling capable of cutting different types of different amount of workpieces at shorter idle time.

Innovative Short Cycle Time

With the sub spindle for overlap cutting and main and sub spindle simultaneous cutting, the cycle time is significantly reduced.

Achieving ΣLoader Installation

By designing the Y-Axis at 30 degree, the TAKAMAZ compact type loader can be mounted.This is a new automation system innovation.

New added value with laser attachment

Due to the microminiaturization of holes in injector units and downsizing of turbo mechanisms in line with a drive toward increasingly higher energy efficiency in the automotive field in recent years, the number of parts comprising dissimilar materials has increased, and the advantages of machining by laser are becoming greater.


Improved cutting accuracy

Parts can be machined and welded on a laser integrated NC lathe with two opposing spindles without having to dismount and remount each part, which means that the parts can be welded with good coaxiality even with a comparatively rough fit tolerance. Also because this is fusion welding, dissimilar materials can be welded, and depending on the product, high quality welding with no need to remove any burrs can be achieved.

Reduced tooling costs

Laser attachments can be used for piercing (forming holes). Unlike the machining with conventional drills and end mills, tool wear and damage can be eliminated, which leads to reduced tooling costs while permitting stable processing.

Support for micromachining

The laser attachment, depending on its performance, excels at micromachining of micro-holes of around Ø0.1 mm and narrow grooves, which are not possible with drills and end mills.


Item Main spindle Sub spindle Unit
Chuck size 6 5 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. Ø85 Ø65 mm
Spindle speed Max. 5,000 min-1
Type 12-station turret
Max.stroke X1:150 Y:±35  Z1:330 X2:150 Z2:440 mm
Rapid traverse rate X1:18 Y:12  Z1:24 X2:18 Z2:18 m/min
Spindle motor AC7.5/5.5 AC5.5/3.7 kW
L × W 2,630 × 1,950 mm
Controller TAKAMAZ & FANUC


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