Muratec MW-EX Series

Twin Spindle CNC Chucker
MW-EX Series

Enhanced Main Spindles

Spindle is the heart of headstock and the machine. The EX spindles incorporate high precision bearings and parts, with re-designed head stock for high rigidity.

Elevated Turret Structure

Turret is to the machine – as the arm is to the body. Many improvements are made such as design of turrets which trengthens the robustness and re-located Z-axis ball screw position. This enhances tracking performance.

Completely Separate Structure

With separate structures, the body is exposed to less vibration, which helps achieve stable precision-machining.
A machine is separately composed of a main base, covers, gantry loader and a control cabinet.

Series Chuck size
MW120EX Chuck size 6″/8″
MW200EX Chuck size 10″







Chuck size

STD: 165 mm (6″)
OPT: 210 mm (8″)

STD: 254 mm (10″)


Turret x 2

Turret x 2

Number of tools

8 x 2

10 x 2

Spindle nose

JIS A2-5

JIS A2-6

Max. Spindle speed

4500 rpm, 3000 rpm, 6000 rpm

2400 rpm,

Spindle AC motor

7.5 kW / 30 min x 2

15 kW / 30 min x 2

Number of gantry loader



Gross weight with loader

4400 kg

7200 kg

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