Self-loading Chucker
MV Series

Revolutionizing the Production Line! A New Approach Towards Modular, Economical Line Planning.

MV120MV120 MV200MV200


A new approach towards modular line planning
Walkthrough Operation 2.4 (MV120)/ 3.0(MV200) seconds

Fatigueless, easy and quick part handling outside the machine during machining

Compact space saving design with floor width 980 (MV120)/ 1150 mm(MV200)

MV Series Machine Models

MV Series Chuck size
MV120 8″ Chuck
MV120M 8″ Chuck, with live tool
MV200 10″ Chuck


MV series is an external manual place & pick self-loading chucker with fully automatic and stable self-load/ unload of part by spindle chuck.

Fatigueless, easy external part place & pick opeartion in just 2.4 seconds.(MV120)




Chuck size

210 mm(8″)

254 mm(10″)

Standard work size

dia.140 mm x 80 mmL

dia.200 mm x 100 mmL

Number of turret stations


10 [ 8 usable stations ]

Max. Spindle speed

4000 rpm

3500 rpm

Spindle motor

STD : 7.5 kW / 30 min
OP : 11 kW / 30 min

STD : 15 kW / 30 min
OP : 22 kW / 30 min

Customized tool plate size

350 mm(W) x 245 mm (H)

300mm(W) x 260 mm (H)

Live tool motor power


Live tool speed

4000 rpm


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