Doosan DVF series
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Doosan seria DVF – News !

Doosan Machine Tools has launched the DFV5000 and DVF6500/8000/8000T with a Ø500/650/800mm rotary table for machining workpieces of complex shapes with a standard 12000 (option: 18000)/min high-speed built-in spindle, and initiated full-fledged sales of the new machining center.

The DFV5000 and DVF 6500/8000/8000T machining center requires an even smaller installation space than previous models and features a grease lubrication system. The machine tool is designed to allow easy access to the operator in an effort to maximize user convenience.

Notably, to enhance precision, the new machining center is equipped with a thermal compensation function for the spindles and overall structure, and spindle and ball screw cooling as standard features.

The tool magazine can hold up to 120 tools and is designed to allow various types of processing with a single setting. A tool length measurement device is also included for more precise processing.

Furthermore, the new machining center is equipped with a multi-cover designed for automatic workpiece loading and unloading, thus enabling a crane to approach the center of the pallets via the opening.
The machine tool can also be linked to diverse pallet automation systems, leading to higher productivity and unmanned processing.

It also features an optimal solution for processing hard-to-cut workpieces that facilitates the discharge of chips via an improved coolant tank filter.

Detailed information:

– Doosan DVF 5000
– Doosan DVF 6500
– Doosan DVF 8000
– Doosan DVF 8000T