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Doosan PUMA HT230T, HT230TG

Product Overview

6″ High-productivity Twin-spindle Turning Center Comparable to Two Machines in Productivity – High productivity ensured in a small space by simultaneously turning the same type of workpieces

– Main and sub-processes turning for the same type of workpieces and independent turning for different types of workpieces

– Automation via a gantry loader (PUMA HT230TG)


Classification Unit PUMA HT230T PUMA HT230TG(Gantry)
Max. Turning Diameter mm 240 140(on the basis of flange work)
Max. Turning Length mm 160 Technical consultation required
Standard Chuck Size inch 6 6
Bar Working Diameter mm 44 44
Max. Spindle Speed r/min 4500 4500
Max. Spindle Motor Power kW 11 7.5
Machining Capability
Capability Description

* Product specifications are subject to change depending on additional functions and options.

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