Product Overview

32″ Powerful Large-sized Heavy Duty Turning Center – The best-in-class large turning center for heavy duty cutting that uses the box guideway

– Turning of workpieces with large diameters via a 3 step gear box type spindle

– Turning of long shaftswith a max. turning length of 1.6m, 3.2m or 5m

– Combined turning via the high-power milling turret of BMT85P

– Diverse options such as a big bore, a boring bar and twin chucking, for turning large parts


Classification Unit PUMA 800 PUMA 800L PUMA 800XL
Max. Turning Diameter mm 900 900 900
Max. Turning Length mm 1600 3250 5050
Standard Chuck Size inch 32 32 32
Bar Working Diameter mm on the basis of chuck specs. on the basis of chuck specs. on the basis of chuck specs.
Max. Spindle Speed r/min 750 750 750
Max. Spindle Motor Power kW 45 45 45
Machining Capability Standards, M, B Standards, M, Y, B Standards, M, Y
Capability Description M : Milling
B : Big Bore
M : Milling
Y : Y-axis
B : Big Bore
M : Milling
Y : Y-axis

* Product specifications are subject to change depending on additional functions and options.

Zapytanie dotyczy Doosan PUMA 800, 800L, 800XL

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