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Correa Performer-MG

Product Overview

The PERFORMER-MG represents the perfect concept of a robust, fixed bed machine in T-configuration, featuring in the X axis a high-dynamic rotary plate which allows high performance circular milling. Its thermal-symmetrical design and high configuration level enable the PERFORMER-MG to adapt to practically any kind of machining.

Eco Design

Stand-by function and Auto Switch off function, saving 20% of the total energy machine consumption.

High Dynamic Capacity

20-30 m/min in X, Y and Z axes, thanks to its V-Shaped linear guide-ways in all axes.

High Geometrical Precision

  • Big cross sections.
  • Roughing capability.
  • Machine geometry stability.

Multi Fuction Operation

  • Highly dynamic rotary table prepared for lathing-milling operations.
  • Optional turning table with hydraulic blocking system in the X axis.
  • Head anchor tools for sporadic lathing.

Oversized Structural Elements

  • Big cross sections.
  • Roughing capability.
  • Machine geometry stability.

T Structure

  • Same machining capacity in any position of transversal axis as there is no ram.
  • Greater work space thanks to transversal movement of the column.
  • Horizontal and vertical machining capacity with long tools thanks to column
  • movement.
  • High precision of transversal movement as there is no fall effect of ram.

Thermo Symmetrical Design

  • Vertical carriage centred on column.
  • Greater geometric precision.
  • More stable geometry faced with temperature variations.


2000 3000
Surface mm 1.250 x 1.600 / 1.600 x 1.600 / 2.000 x 1.600
Maximum load on the table Tm 10
Longitudinal X mm 2.000 3.000
Cross Y mm 1.250
Vertical Z mm 1.500
Maximum X m/min 20 / 30
Y m/min 20 / 30
Z m/min 20 / 30
Spindle specifications
Taper ISO-50 / HSK
Programmable speed rpm 4.000 / 6.000
Maximum power kW 24
Maximum torque Nm 840

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