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Correa NORMA

Product Overview

The NORMA represents a new concept of bed type, lateral ram machine. Very sturdy
thanks to structural elements with large sections together with an L-shaped ram guide system.
A high precision thanks to the mechanical ram droop correction system. A flexible machine
suitable for machining and finishing operations.

Eco Design

Stand-by function and Auto Switch off function, saving 20% of the total energy machine consumption

High Dynamic Capacity

25 m/min in X, Y and Z axes, thanks to its V-Shaped linear guide-ways in all axes

High Geometrical Precision

High machining capacity + geometrical stability over time

L Guide-way System Configuration

L-shaped guide system:

  • Greater rigidity and stability during machining.
  • Greater geometrical precision.
  • Less ram droop effect.

6 vertical movement sliders ensuring good machine behaviour

Mechanical Compensation System

Pulling bars for fine tuning adjustment of ram droop effect.

Oversized Structural Elements

Big cross sections


20 25 35 45
Surface mm 2.300 x 1.000 2.800 x 1.000 3.800 x 1.000 4.800 x 1.000
Maximum load on the table kg 4.500 6.500 8.500 10.500
Longitudinal X mm 2.000 2.500 3.500 4.500
Cross Y mm 1.250
Vertical Z mm 1.500
Maximum X m/min 25
Y m/min 25
Z m/min 25
Spindle specifications
Taper ISO-50
Programmable speed rpm 3.000/6.000
Maximum power kW 24 – 33
Maximum torque Nm 840 – 990
Machine weight kg 17.800 19.000 21.200 24.000

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