Correa FOX

Product Overview

The FOX represents a new and innovative concept of bridge-type machine which combines
traditional roughing capacity with the speed and precision of high performance machining.
It includes a unique system which controls the temperature generated in the vertical axis of the machine.

Eco Design

Stand-by function and Auto Switch off function, saving 20% of the total energy machine consumption.

High Damping Capacity

– Vertical axis with water-cooled friction slideway.
– Excellent damping capacity.
– Optimum performance with the ram in the lowest position.

25 m/min in X, Y and Z axes, thanks to its V-Shaped linear guide-ways in all axes.

High Geometrical Capacity

– Big cross sections in the market.
– Roughing capacity.
– Machine geometry stability.

High Geometrical Precision

Cement filled columns for optimum damping.

Column Cross Section: 1100mm x 1100mm

Bed cross section.

Crossbeam Cross Section: 1030mm x 1305mm

Oversized Structural Elements

– Big cross section bed.

– Ram Cross Section: 540mm x 550mm

– Cement filled columns for optimum damping.

– Column Cross Section: 1100mm x 1100mm

– Crossbeam Cross Section: 1030mm x 1305mm

Thermo Symmetrical Design

– Totally symmetric design of vertical axis.
– Improved geometry of the machine.
– Geometry is more stable faced with temperature changes.

Vertical Axis Temperature Control

– High feed.
– High precision at tool tip.
– High roughing capacity.
– Geometric stability of ram.

– Cooled friction guide in the ram.

System of air recirculation through the ram.


Surface mm 3.500 – 8.500 x 2.000 – 2.500
Maximum load on the table kg 15.000 – 25.000
Longitudinal X mm 3.000 – 8.000
Cross Y mm 3.000 / 3.750 / 4.250
Vertical Z mm 1.000 / 1.500 / 1.750
Working capacity
Distance between columns Y mm 2.500 / 3.250 / 3.750
Distance between head nose (UAD) and table top Z mm 1.140 / 1.390 / 1.640 / 1.890 / 2.140
Maximum X m/min 25
Y m/min 25
Z m/min 25
Spindle specifications
Taper ISO-50 / BT-50 / HSK-100
Programmable speed rpm 4.000 / 6.000
Maximum power kW 37 / 52
Maximum torque Nm 1.298 / 1.375

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