Product Overview

The XPIDER represents a concept of high-speed “top gantry” machine which incorporates unique structural elements and functions. Temperature stability and high speed combined in this new generation milling machine.

Eco Design

Stand-by function and Auto Switch off function, saving 20% of the total energy consumption.

High Capacity of machining shapes

  • Machine designed to obtain superb quality surface finishes
  • Specific electrospindle designed to obtain finishes at high rpms
  • Dynamic behaviour with parameter settings for:
    • Surface quality
    • Part geometrics
    • Machining time

High Damping Capacity

Mixed structure of “HDC” concrete and steel. The “HDC” concrete is a material of high density mixed with micro-fibres developed by Nicolás Correa.

What are the advantages of the“HDC”?

  • High damping capacity
  • High rigidity
  • Thermal stability


High Geometrical Precision

Octagonal ram section

Reduced distance between the ram centre and the crossbeam centre. By decreasing the force applied during the movements of the X axis, the precision of the surface finish is improved.

Vertical axis direct transmission

It guarantees maximum precision and rigidity.

Crossbeam isolation

The crossbeam is composed by three layers of steel-insulation-steel. This system minimises the crossbeam
geometrical changes due to the temperature variations in the workshop.

Steel torsion bars in the crossbeam

  • Minimising the deformation due to crossbeam flexion and torsion
  • Enhancing the geometry of the machine
  • Increasing the roughing capacity

Vertical axis temperature control

System of air recirculation through the ram. Improving the geometrical stability faced with temperature changes in the workshop


Surface mm 3.500 + 1.500N x 1.500 – 2.500
Maximum load on the table Kg / m2 10.000 / 15.000
Longitudinal X mm 3.500 + 1.500N
Cross Y mm 2.000 3.000
Vertical X mm 1.000 – 1.500
Working capacity
Distance between columns mm 3.000 4.000
Maximum X m/min 45 / 60
Y m/min 45 / 60
Z m/min 45 / 45
Spindle specifications
Taper ISO-50 / HSK-63 / HSK-100
Programmable speed rpm 6.000 / 12.000 / 24.000
Maximum power kW 30 / 35* / 60*

*Solo con cabezal E5E (Electromandrino)

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