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The Murata Machinery company was established in 1935. The Company boasts a long history; it has successfully embraced technological development and developed a number of reliable mechanical and electronic technology solutions. Muratec’s R & D Center was founded by Murata Machinery. This organization offers technological expertise in the following areas: fabrics/machinery, machine tools, automated systems, communications equipment, systems. Hardware technology which is constantly updated to keep abreast of new developments is natural for machine tool manufacturers such as Murata, but the Company also focuses on software development, offering its customers optimal production and technology applications and providing support customized to meet individual customers’ requirements.

High performance machine tools contribute to improvements in productivity and production quality. In the year 1961 we embraced machine tools that support modern industry. Since that time we have developed systems that integrate machining processes with mass production by combining portal loaders with an extensive range of peripheral machines based on equipment featuring high rigidity and high precision. That is why we were able to set a world record in terms of accomplishments and experience, particularly in the automotive parts sector, delivering manufacturing systems best optimized to meet individual customers’ requirements. We intend to continue developing new improvements in machining productivity as well as supporting our customers by providing them with new production systems and machining applications, while considering productivity improvements from the customers’ perspective. MURATEC makes systems that combine portal loaders and various items of peripheral equipment and are based on highly rigid and high precision machines, allowing users to achieve process consolidation in mass production. The Company offers its customers production systems that are best tailored to individual customer needs.



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Muratec MW Series

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Muratec MS Series

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Muratec MD Series

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Muratec MJ Series

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Manufacturer: Muratec

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